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HTSN Rebrands as Oasys Residential Technology Group

    Nationwide Marketing Group announced today that it is rebranding its Home Technology Specialists Nationwide (HTSN) custom integration division. The group will now be known as Oasys Residential Technology Group.

    The new name is coupled with a new strategy that will see the group – which has evolved greatly since it was first launched in 2015 – expand its reach to a wider portion of the custom integration industry.

    “Between our Azione Unlimited team and the core CI offerings at Nationwide, our members continue to thrive, and they represent some of the strongest and most successful integrators in the industry,” says Andy Orozco, senior vice president of custom integration for Nationwide. “But we believe there’s an opportunity to take what we’ve built and provide an even greater service to those businesses just starting out or those who have struggled to get their feet under them. It’s a segment of the industry, frankly, that has been ignored and underserved for too long.”

    Oasys has established itself as a leading platform for custom integrators by providing a unique combination of world-class offerings. Members of the group enjoy free CEDIA membership and access to the Oasys Learning Academy, which includes the entire catalog of CEDIA education as well as vendor-specific product training. Oasys members have also leveraged Nationwide’s business and financial services programs to streamline their businesses, allowing them to remain focused on providing exceptional customer service. In addition, all Oasys and Nationwide events, including the Oasys Summit and PrimeTime, are free to attend and allow dealers to meet face-to-face with key vendor partners and tap into an unmatched peer-to-peer network to share best practices and more.

    According to CEDIA’s most recent Integrated Home Market Analysis, there are roughly 11,000 integrator companies operating in the United States. Only a fraction of integrators participate in a buying organization, according to the association’s data. In particular, integrators with an average annual revenue of less than $2 million, which make up two-thirds of the industry, are exceedingly underrepresented in buying group membership.

    “It’s likely that these businesses think joining a group is either not a viable financial option or they simply don’t understand the benefits of membership,” says Hank Alexander, director of Oasys. “That’s where we have the opportunity to extend our hand, work directly with them to identify where they need the most support and offer targeted services that can have the biggest impact on their business.”

    First unveiled at PrimeTime in Dallas, the Oasys branding will continue to materialize over the coming weeks, leading up to the first-ever Oasys Summit in Nashville, May 15-17. There, the group will further detail its plans and other strategic changes to dealer and vendor attendees. Members can secure their free registration for the event by visiting the Oasys Summit registration website.