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Member Spotlight: SYNC Technology Integration

    After working for 10 years at a Fortune 100 company, Gary Jefferies realized he couldn’t impact his clients’ tech lives the way he wanted to nor the way they deserved. In February of 2012, Jefferies set out to start his own venture, which resulted in the birth of SYNC Technology Integration, headquartered in Westfield, Indiana. 

    For the first couple of years, SYNC focused on just getting their name out there. In year five, the firm obtained our first two construction partners and just added a third at the tail end of 2023. 

    While they do fully custom, luxury-type projects, they’ve actually discovered a different type of bread and butter that they can support in their community. Early on, SYNC realized that there was a gap in the semi-custom demographic. Between their three builder partners, SYNC forecasts upwards of 400 new home builds this year alone that they will play a part in. 

    SYNC’s early success has been recognized throughout the custom integration industry. In 2020, they were named a Rising Star in the CI industry by CEPro.

    Jefferies, aiming to take the business to the next level, joined Oasys Residential Technology Group this year.

    “We’re very excited to take this next step and have the opportunity to join forces with Oasys,” he says. “We have been long-time supporters of many of the brands Oasys offers, and now with having their backing, we will undoubtedly be able to grow into the company we want to become. We look forward to building more long-lasting relationships through Oasys and connecting with all of the other members of the group.”

    Simple, Secure Spaces

    One of SYNC’s construction partners recently started work on a new 450+ home development. Within that development is a space that can be rented out by their homeowners for parties, concerts and more. There is a private area and an area that is open year-round. 

    SYNC was tasked with coming up with a system that would be easy for incoming guests to use but also keep all components of the system secure. Part two of this project will have a hot tub, pool and cabana area that will incorporate outdoor video, landscape audio and lighting as well as extending the network. 

    Some of the key products in this system are an 85-inch Samsung QLED in a heated and cooled Apollo Enclosures case, 4.2 Sonance Pendant speakers driven off of a Sonance DSP amplifier with SONOS integration and a Barco ClickShare all controlled by Savant on an iPad.